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Finding Your Personal MORE

As a licensed psychotherapist for 35+ years, a master certified coach for 20+, and 25 years’ experience as a non-profit CEO, I have a wealth of professional training in a variety of methods and personal life experiences to draw upon to help you access your own inner wisdom and knowing.

I welcome adolescents, young adults, individuals and couples, mid-lifers, and older adults to examine their relationship with themselves, their families, their partner, and their larger world which includes work and career to connect with me to discuss new possibilities for your life.

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My Specialties

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Family, Marriage, & Relationship Coaching

Personal Best Life Coaching



My Philosophy

Feeling discouraged, stuck, confused? You show the world one thing, but you know that’s not who you really are? You feel frustrated in your relationships? You sense that there's more for you to have or do or be in your life? What I have found is that when you are able to heal from painful experiences, shift limiting beliefs and dysfunctional emotional reactions you can create richer, more authentic possibilities for your life. I offer you a warm, supportive environment to move into action towards your own personal MORE!

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